TPU Badge Apply Process and Important Notes:
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TPU Badge Apply Process and Important Notes:

1.  Set Machine: Temperature 150C Degree, Time 15 seconds, Pressure 3KG

2.  Use testing fabric to test before official applying, iron on the backside of the fabric.

3.  Peel off the small plotting sheet after cool, if not strongly attached to fabric,please increase the pressure little bit; if attached well, but out of shape, pls decrease the pressure and time little bit

4.  Normally White and black color badge needs less pressure, smooth surface and simple texture needs less pressure than textured surface.

5.  Make sure the testing is perfect before official applying.

6.  Don’t suggest to applying onto the finished garment directly, as the structure line of clothes influence the ironing results

7.  If pressure is smaller, can iron on again at higher pressure.

8.  If applying failed, can peel off after a short warm iron, then apply a new one to cover the old place

If still not clear enough, pls contact me directly.


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